Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: Piggy Paint

I was excited when I found out about Piggy Paint last Tuesday. Piggy Paint is a nail polish company that makes natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly nail products. Piggy Paint is safe for children and pregnant women, which is a huge plus for mommies. Their items are competitively prices ($8.99) and they have four lines of polish: Original Piggy Paint (ideal for kids), Project Earth (designed for teens and tweens), Refined (for adults) and Puppy Paint (for your pooch). They also have gift sets, including those with the colors of your favorite college sports team.

I love nail polish, and I like the idea that Piggy Paint products are natural and non-toxic, so I got two bottles of nail polish (Sea-quin and Candy Coated) and a bottle of nail polish remover. Shipping was really fast (especially for USPS delivery) and I surprisingly had my order by the end of the week.
First I used the Piggy Paint nail polish remover to take off my old nail polish and it worked pretty well. I had to do a little more scrubbing that I normally do with my nail polish remover, but it smelled nice and left my nails shiny. I actually really appreciate that Piggy Paint nail polish remover is  acetone free because my normal nail polish remover has been damaging my nails. Even if it does take a little more work to get nail polish off, I will continue to use this polish remover.

So I painted my finger nails with the Candy Coated paint (2 coats). The color was a little lighter and more metallic than I expected, but overall it is a pretty color. The big problem was that the paint started chipping off within a couple of days (as you can see in the picture). Perhaps an extra coat would help.
I used the Sea-quin polish for my toes and I absolutely love it. It is the perfect color for summer, and it reminds me of a day at the beach. Piggy Paint was right on with this color. One coat of paint was enough for a vibrant color, but I did end up using two. The paint hasn't chipped at all so far, and I am really pleased.
Overall I would recommend Piggy Paint, but I would suggest putting on an extra coat and a top coat to prevent chipping.

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